South By Down East

Coming in 2022: A travel blog in style of Charles Kuralt, except without the adultery, the deceit, or the the financial backing of a fake news organization.

The Sacramento Brie is an inclusive digital newspaper founded in 2017 by Huey P. Newsom. He might be under surveillance by the Eye of Sundar, but that has not prevented him from publishing more than 700 radical thinkpiece resistance thingamajigs right under the nose of Sacramento’s secret Nazi police force.

For his next feat of prestidigitation, Huey will travel 33,600 turbo miles due up, where he will follow the Great Circle several radiolubes south by down east and thus to his destination: America. The first leg of the journey will be across the top of the country via “The Great Northern.” After that, not even Huey knows where he will end up. (The map is for position only.) Stay tuned.