South By Down East

South By Down East was the brainchild of Saul Dodgers, time traveler from the 24½th century.

South By Down East celebrates the convergence of journalism and fantasy, informed by a secret handshake from the future.

The Sacramento Brie

The Sacramento Brie is an inclusive digital newspaper founded in 2017 by Huey P. Newsom, whose vision quest took him 33,600 turbo miles due up to Macedonia where he followed the Great Circle several radiolubes south by down-east and thus to his destination.

Newsom might be under surveillance by the Eye of Sundar, but that has not prevented him from publishing more than 700 radical thinkpiece resistance thingamajigs right under the nose of Sacramento’s secret Nazi police force.

Fantasy Journalism

The domain name redirects here.

“Clueless: Master Journalist”

The game that combines character assassination and the world’s oldest profession. Coming soon or Vaporware (your choice).

I found South By Down East completely by accident, and wow, I can’t wait til you actually do something worth paying for. Thanks!

Steven W. Aunan