The Sac Brie has conceptualized the contingencies surrounding the problematized concerns of local politicians, and concluded that the solution is the First Annual Sacramento Satire Contest.

The rules – once officially announced – will be simple:

  • Write 1,000 satirical words or less about any aspect of Sacramento
  • Submit your article to The Sacramento Brie
  • Wait

If you win, a refurbished Lenovo T420 laptop – worth somewhere between $197.00 and $223.00, but equipped with the best mechanical keyboard in the history of laptops – will be delivered to whatever address you specify.

We hope to enlist the Armstrong & Getty Show to judge the top 5 entries and read the winning article live during their morning KSTE radio show, but we haven’t even contacted them yet. If that doesn’t pan out, we hope the T420 is enough to entice a few entries.

Oh. And the winner(s) will have their work published here and tweeted to the one* follower we have amassed so far.

This contest has not been officially announced. If it had, we would have to publish  something approximating this or be prosecuted pursuant to one or more of the fantastically stupid laws written by some of the people we savage on a daily basis.

We hope Kevin de Leon wins.

* Liable, but not guaranteed, to change.