About the SacBrie


Tila Tequila at a car show in Houston, 2005 (Wikipedia)

The Sacramento Brie was founded in 1799 as the world’s first multicultural newspaper (1/4 French, 3/4 Vietnamese) by Tila Tequila’s great-great-great grandfather, whose motto was “the object of this newspaper is not only government cheese, but government cheese on the scale of France.”

In an early sign of the newspaper’s prescience, Grandpa Tequila predicted his great-great-great granddaughter’s dalliance with Adolf Hitler and preemptively disinherited her.

The Brie has never strayed from its French roots, and today continues the long tradition of demanding hot, melted, government brie for the masses.

There has been some speculation that President Cheese derived its name from Grandfather Tequila’s enterprise, but those rumors have never been substantiated.