How do you solve a problem like Sharia? Remake the ‘Sound of Music’

Hollywood will remake “The Sound of Music” as an Islamic musical starring Somali-American Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Linda Sarsour. The plot remains the same, according to studio executives, but the characters and setting have been updated to appeal to modern audiences.

Ms. Omar plays Maria, a lesbian imam working to liberalize a harsh and overly restrictive 21st century Austrian society by introducing the fulfilling and joyous alternative of Sharia Law. Linda Sarsour plays Maria’s lover, Capt. Von Trapp, whose large, musical, and adopted family is being persecuted by Nazi collaborators.

Maria and Von Trapp realize they can’t stop the hate that is engulfing their country for the third time in 100 years. So they become Muslim refugees and escape over the Alps into France, safe from the Jewish trance that has hypnotized Austria into becoming a Nazi police state.


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