Kamala Harris: ‘Alt Right’ banned ‘MAGA’ hats because Asian chef owns German restaurant

San Mateo, Calif. — The Asian owner of a local German restaurant apologized yesterday for banning customers who wear “Make America Great Again” hats, but Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris blamed the Alt-Right for the intolerance.

“I know Kenji Lopez-Alt, the multicultural Asian chef of the German restaurant,” said Harris, “and he would never be such an intolerant, culture-appropriating bigot. I blame Alt Kenji Lopez.”

When reporters stared at her, apparently too dumbfounded to respond, Harris clarified.

“If anyone should apologize, it’s Alt-Right white-supremacists of German descent who would dare to open a Mexican restaurant in Alta California,” said Harris, “not Lopez-Alt.”

The Wursthall Restaurant and Bierhaus at Baldwin and B Street in San Mateo serves bratwurst, schnitzel, and pretzels paired with a robust offering of German beer.

Author: Huey P. Newsom

Huey P. "Navin" Newsom was born a poor black child who reported illegal immigrants to ICE before he wised up and invented the Sanctuary City. Today, Navin is the governor-in-waiting of California. As the leader of the Democratic Socialists for Self Defense, he plans to wall off the city of Oakland to protect undocumented immigrants from Darrell Steinberg's secret Nazi police force.

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