Liberal media workers shout their job abortions, women hardest hit

The “beautiful, diverse, inclusive baby” that HuffPost “built from scratch” consisted of all women and was aborted after birth because abortion is self care.

Liberal women employed by liberal media outlets are outraged today as the sheer scope of liberal media job abortions hit home.

BuzzFeed aborted 15 percent of its liberal workforce, while 100 percent of the all-woman Huffington Post Opinion staff was aborted. Other liberal newsrooms followed suit. The mass abortions come on the heels of liberal celebrations of the New York law allowing abortions up until birth.

HuffPo Deputy Opinion Editor Chloe Angyal shouted her abortion on Twitter. “For those who are wondering, @HuffPost Opinion — the entire section — is being eliminated. The beautiful, diverse, inclusive baby we built from scratch is gone.”

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