Democrats cancel vote on clean water to rally against In-N-Out Burger


The Chairman of the California Democratic Party yesterday announced a boycott of In-N-Out Burger. Today, legislators cancelled a vote on two clean water bills to rally against Anthony Bourdain’s favorite Los Angles restaurant.

Chairman Eric Bauman kicked off the rally by reading from Leviticus.

“Being someone who’s a person of faith, I take a lot of my mindset from the words of the ancient rabbis and such,” he said, reprising his speech from the 2016 Democratic Party Convention. “And I want to quote from a portion of Leviticus. ‘Treat the stranger among you, as if he were one of your own, for ye yourself were a stranger in the land of Egypt.'”

The crowd was silent for a moment, and then Bauman shouted.

“Now get out there and boycott the shit out of In-N-Out Burger!”

Senate Bills 844 and 845 would address grievances of 1 million California residents who are potentially being exposed to unsafe water, mostly in poor communities and in the Central Valley.

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