CNN: Furious dog bites man who didn’t buy pet crate in time for Irma evacuation

The furious Mika had to be pulled off her owner during an interview with CNN. (Source: CNN video screengrab)

Mika the dog has been taken into custody after biting off her owner’s thumb at Miami International Airport.

The two were trying to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm that is likely to make landfall in Florida by Sunday morning. But her owner, who has asked to remain anonymous, didn’t have a pet carrier.

“Mika and I waited in line for an hour before being told the airline wouldn’t let us on board because I don’t have a pet carrier,” the owner told CNN reporter Randi Kaye. “We’ll go back home and ride out the storm.”

That’s when Mika struck.

“He doesn’t love me! He wants me to die!” Mika said before severing the digit.

“I do love you!” the owner screamed, writhing on the floor.

“Then why didn’t you buy me a carrier instead of waiting until they were all sold out?!” the furious pooch responded. “Now you want me to ‘ride out the storm’? F*** you!”

First responders took Mika into custody and provided medical treatment to the wounded owner.

“We’re not sure the thumb can be reattached,” said a Miami-Dade fireman named Sam, shrugging his shoulders. “And hospitals are locking down as Irma approaches. The obvious solution would have been to buy a pet carrier before hurricane season. It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming.”

Mika was livid as firefighters escorted her out of the airport. “You give my name to CNN but not yours?! You’re a terrible person! I’m glad I bit you!”





Author: Huey P. Newsom

Huey P. "Navin" Newsom was born a poor black child who reported illegal immigrants to ICE before he wised up and invented the Sanctuary City. Today, Navin is the governor-in-waiting of California. As the leader of the Democratic Socialists for Self Defense, he plans to wall off the city of Oakland to protect undocumented immigrants from Darrell Steinberg's secret Nazi police force.

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