Santa Cruz police to enforce beachcomber gender equality

The stunning lack of women who own metal detectors should force city council to take action, says the president of the Beachcomber Equity Task Force in Santa Cruz, CA.

“Men find 97 percent of all loose change on the beach,” says Summer Moonstone, 59, a longtime critic of the male-dominated industry. “When will people realize how harmful that is to womyn?”

Something may finally be done this week, when the council considers an ordinance to mandate more treasure-hunting gear be sold to women inside city limits. If it passes, police will issue fines to businesses which fail to meet their quota.

“We think women just haven’t discovered the joy of hunting down, and digging up, the incredible diversity of metal that’s hidden on our public beaches,” Moonstone said. “This ordinance could change that forever.”

Retailers of metal-detecting gear are hopeful the pastime becomes more popular among women, but most men don’t think it will happen.

Big Jim, who said he spends more time beachcombing than anyone he knows, told us, “County-wide, nickels and unidentified waste from container ships are the most common bits of metal found on area beaches. The women I know don’t care about that like I do.”

One thought on “Santa Cruz police to enforce beachcomber gender equality

  1. Womyn don’t search for coins on the beach because they are are more honest than men and would be compelled to report their finds as income to the CA Department of Revenue. After taxes, there would be nothing left. Since men have no morals, they don’t report.


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